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When I first read a draft of LITTLE MISS EVIL, a fun middle grade novel by my critique partner Kristy Shen and her husband Bryce, I KNEW this book was going to be big! I knew it would be amazing. It definitely didn’t feel like a manuscript. It felt like an already published, successful, on the bookshelves at every bookstore novel! So I wasn’t at all surprised when a few weeks later, Kristy and Bryce signed with agent-extraordinaire, Jamie Drowley, and I was even less surprised when LITTLE MISS EVIL got its book deal from Spencer Hill Press!

Here’s the info on the book, which will be available next March, and believe me, even if you’re not a middle grade fan, you will LOVE this book!

When you live in a volcano, ride to school in a helicopter, and regularly see your dad on the news with the caption “EVIL GENIUS” underneath his picture, it takes a lot to rattle you.
Until you get a message that says: We have your father. Deliver the NOVA in 24 hours or we will kill him.
What’s a NOVA, you ask? It’s a nuclear bomb capable of turning the city into a radioactive mushroom cloud, and ever since Fiona’s dad built it, it’s caused nothing but grief. But telling him to stop building weapons is like telling Michelangelo to stop painting.
And that’s why thirteen-year-old Fiona has a flamethrower strapped to her arm. After all, who’d mess with a girl who can throw fireballs?

Author’s short Bio:
Bryce and Kristy are a tag-team writing duo with way too many voices in their heads. As engineers living in Toronto, they can’t be safely contained by mere cubicle walls, and therefore must spend every other waking moment writing to keep the crazy from leaking out at the office. When not writing or working, they spend their time parachuting into volcanoes and riding polar bears while tossing dynamite at rabid kangaroos. Yup, that’s right. Sometimes they can’t even believe how awesome their lives are.

Title: Little Miss Evil
Author: Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press Midgrade (www.spencerhillmiddlegrade.com)

ISBN 978-1-939392-09-1 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-939392-10-7 Ebook
Release Date March 2015
Formats: Paper, e-book

And, without further ado, here’s the kick-ass cover!!! 😀

LittleMissEvil-webcover (2)


Can’t wait to hold it in my hot little hands next spring!!! 😀

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Cover Reveal: BURN ME by Shelley Watters

As y’all know, one of the best parts of being a member of the Swoon Romance team is that I often get to do cover reveal blogs for my Swoon sisters! This one– for BURN ME by Shelley Watters– I had to do, since I was an alternate on Shelley’s teams in last year’s Pitch Wars with my debut novel, GOING HOME AGAIN, which is now published by Swoon Romance! 😀 Shelley has been one of the biggest supporters so I’m thrilled to return the favor! 

Here it is!!! (HOT, huh? To say the least…) 



Now, here are the deets! 

Burn Me

By Shelley Watters

An Adult Contemporary Romance


Releasing April 29, 2014


Published by Swoon Romance

After her twin brother dies in a house fire, firefighter Katrina Hale is determined to prove she’s stronger than the flames. But while her focus on her career leaves little room in her life for romance and her current relationship fizzles, she soon discovers fighting fires is nothing compared to the scorching desire she feels in fellow firefighter Greyson Neal’s arms. Firefighter Greyson Neal is the type of guy girls dream about when they want their knight in shining armor to wear bunker gear. But he’s not interested in fulfilling every girl’s fantasies. Now he wants the one woman he can never have, and she seems hell-bent on getting herself killed to prove that she’s worthy of her job. Kat must choose between her career and her heart, and fight to keep them both when an arsonist threatens to take it all away

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20526279-burn-me

About the Author 


Shelley Watters writes romance for young adults and adults. She lives in Arizona with her husband, two kids and two dogs. She loves listening to music, reading good books and letting her imagination go wild as she creates new worlds and torments her characters in delicious ways.

Author’s Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shelley_Watters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shelley.watters

Image Image

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See some places in GOING HOME AGAIN! And win a giveaway!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! It’s here!

My debut novel, GOING HOME AGAIN, which released as an eBook in August, is now available in print!!! Eeeeek!!!

GHA print!!!!

LINKS: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1493743813?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=1493743813&linkCode=shr&tag=bookitreas-20&qid=1385214963&sr=8-2


You should so totally buy it!!! Even if you’ve already read the eBook, still, to me, there’s nothing better than holding the print book in your hands. 😀

For me, part of the fun of reading is being able to create and visualize characters and settings in your mind. I know who Alyssa Jones and Michael Day are in my mind, but the beauty of books is that they may be someone totally different in your mind.

The setting, though, is mainly Wrightsville Beach. I went back there last weekend, and took some photos of places mentioned in the book. Wanna see?? Of course you do!

A view of Wrightsville Beach, from around the area where Michael Day's house is. ;)

A view of Wrightsville Beach, from around the area where Michael Day’s house is. 😉

The Johnnie Mercer Pier. Michael describes seeing it in the distance.

The Johnnie Mercer Pier. Michael describes seeing it in the distance.

I envision Michael Day's house something like this... :)

I envision Michael Day’s house something like this… 🙂

When Alyssa meets Mike, Haley and Matt for dinner at Bluewater Grill, here’s what it looks like 🙂

Bluewater Grill at night

Later in the book, Alyssa and Mike dine at another of my favorite restaurants, South Beach Grill!

The manager, John Andrews, was so thrilled that I included his (wonderful) restaurant in the book, he’s offering a $50 gift card to one of my readers! Of course, you must be able to get to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to use it. If you do, you can have Crab and Seafood Nachoes for Two like Alyssa and Mike, or any number of delectable seafood dishes. You can check out their menu here: http://www.southbeachgrillwb.com/. Trust me, everything’s good!

To enter, just leave a comment below and I will randomly select a winner. Thank you so much, and remember, buy the print version of GOING HOME AGAIN! 😀 It makes a wonderful Christmas gift. 😉


NaNo NoGo? No Way!

I haven’t written a blog in a looooong time that wasn’t a cover reveal or review blog for a fellow Swoon Romance author, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and talk about my latest writing project! Are you excited? I know you are! 😀

I’ve been a writer for most of my life, yet I’ve never participated in National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short. The idea behind this is that you write a novel, or 50,000 words, during the 30 days of November. To reach that goal, the NaNoWriMo.org site suggests 1,666 words per day every day. Obviously this is Satanic and undoable. 😉 Haha.

But seriously, it is doable, if one persists and writes a little bit every day. I started off great! By some miracle of the writing gods, I had (what I thought was) an amazing idea on Halloween, when I went home at lunchtime and my sister was watching “It” as in Stephen King’s creepy-as-all-hell story about a demonic clown tormenting a group of kids in Maine, and then tormenting them again when they grew up. I mean, seriously, is there anything scarier than a damn clown?

Anyhoo, as I was driving back to my office, I started thinking about how I’ve always wanted to write a book about a group of friends growing up in rural North Carolina. And then I thought what if this group of friends accidentally awakened something really evil, like Pennywise, only not a clown, because I don’t wanna scare the living crap out of myself here. (And don’t think I wasn’t checking my back seat constantly to make sure Pennywise wasn’t lurking back there!) So voila! My idea was born! And that’s all I’m gonna say ’cause I don’t wanna give too much away. Needless to say, it’s a definite departure from my romance novel, GOING HOME AGAIN.

So I had this brilliant idea and I was all

And the first few days, I wrote at least 1,500 a day. WooHOO!!! 😀

Then, my old car started stressing me out and acting like she was gonna kick the bucket. The whole trading in my car process was difficult. I had the car since 2006 so it was kind of hard to say goodbye. Got a little verklempt, to be honest….

But! I have a new car now, and so things should be going just dandy with my writing now that that’s out of the way, right?

Not so much.

Alas, I am determined to finish at least a first draft by the end of this month. Playing NaNo by my own rules, thank you very much. Writing when I can, and trying to write extra words to make up for the days I missed! NaNoWriMo will be like Loki when I’m done!!!

So, whenever you see me dilly-dallying about on Twitter or Facebook, remind me I need to WRITE!!!!

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MASKED LOVE blog tour

For my latest blog, I tried something new. One of the great things about being published through Swoon Romance is that I’m able to review great books that I may not have read otherwise. MASKED LOVE, which was published Nov. 1, is the first regency romance I’ve read. I have to admit, when I heard “regency romance,” a part of me wondered if I could stay focused on it… definitely not usually my thing.

But, once I read the premise, I realized it was a story any woman could identify with, regardless of her age, or even the time period in which she lived.

And, it has a BEAUTIFUL cover, yes?


Here are the details:

Title: Masked Love
Author: Nicole Zoltack
Genre: Holiday/Christmas Regency Novella
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: November 1, 2013
Formats: eBook (mobi and ePub)

Masked Love by Nicole Zoltack
Isabelle is content being a maid, and will do anything for her lady, even accompany her to a masquerade ball. Lady Theodosia needs extra support and encouragement on this night, for tomorrow she will meet the man her parents have pledged her to.
Isabelle has never had occasion to attend such an event, and is at first ill at ease. But meeting an enchanting young man during the course of the evening makes her wish for a life she can never have. Thinking she will never see him again, she returns his flirtation and even reveals her face. Imagine her shock when he shows up the next morning, announcing his claim on Lady Thedosia.
Isabelle does all she can to avoid Lord Adrian Wingave, but then he not only sees her, he recognizes her. To make matters worse, Isabelle fears her feelings are not one-sided. Torn between duty and desire, Isabelle hopes for something more this Christmas.

Sounds intriguing, right? 🙂 It’s one of those forbidden love stories you can’t help but love.

At just 89 pages, MASKED LOVE is a quick but satisfying read. I was quickly sucked in to the characters, even though this is not a genre I typically read. Even in 2013, too often we discount something that could be true love because our society and times tell us you can’t possibly fall in love that fast, or that person’s out of your league. It’s the same basic story that Isabelle and Lord Adrian face. They feel connected to each other instantly, love at first sight if you will, but tell themselves at first it can’t possibly be for real, since he is a noble and she is just a maid. These are timeless themes– of love, honor, duty and friendship that still resonate years later.

So, even if you hear “regency romance” and instantly think “Not for me,” I’d urge you to give this story a chance. It’s a sweet romance that will leave you smiling in the end, I promise. 🙂

Here’s some info on Nicole:

Nicole Zoltack
Nicole Zoltack loves to write fantasy/paranormal, romances, horror, and historical, for all ages. When she isn’t writing about girls wanting to be knights, talking unicorns, and zombies, she spends time with her loving family. She loves to ride horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, dressed in period garb. Her current favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.

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Masked Love- cover reveal!!

One of the greatest parts of working with a publisher like Swoon Romance is all the fun cover reveals! I’ve never been one to read regency titles, but Swoon editor/publisher Georgia McBride says this book changed her mind about regency and now I’m thinking it might change my mind too! First of all, Here is the GORGEOUS cover!!! 🙂


Swoon always does such a phenomenal job with covers!! Here’s what the book is about and its release information.

Title: Masked Love
Author: Nicole Zoltack
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: November 1, 2013
Genre: Regency Holiday romance novella

About Masked Love
Isabelle is content being a maid, and will do anything for her lady, even accompany her to a masquerade ball. Lady Theodosia needs extra support and encouragement on this night, for tomorrow she will meet the man her parents have pledged her to.

Isabelle has never had occasion to attend such an event, and is at first ill at ease. But meeting an enchanting young man during the course of the evening makes her wish for a life she can never have. Thinking she will never see him again, she returns his flirtation and even reveals her face. Imagine her shock when he shows up the next morning, announcing his claim on Lady Thedosia.

Isabelle does all she can to avoid Lord Adrian Wingave, but then he not only sees her, he recognizes her. To make matters worse, Isabelle fears her feelings are not one-sided.

Torn between duty and desire, Isabelle hopes for something more this Christmas.

About Nicole Zoltack
Nicole Zoltack loves to write fantasy/paranormal, romances, horror, and historical, for all ages. When she isn’t writing about girls wanting to be knights, talking unicorns, and zombies, she spends time with her loving family. She loves to ride horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, dressed in period garb. Her current favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.


LOVE & OTHER GAMES release day fun!

Today’s the day my Swoon Romance sisters, Melinda Dozier, Ana Blaze, Aria Kane, Kara Leigh Miller, release their novel, LOVE AND OTHER GAMES! I’m so excited to be a part of the release day festivities.

LOVE AND OTHER GAMES is a collection of four sexy new adult stories centered around athletes competing in the Winter Games by Ana Blaze, Melinda Dozier, Aria Kane and Kara Leigh Miller.


Here’s the info on each of these steamy stories:

Worth More Than Gold by Ana Blaze
Amy Pierce, the klutzy sister and manager of America’s Skating Sweetheart, is used to being invisible. But when a friend drags her to a party near the Olympic Village, Amy catches the eye of a sexy Norwegian ski jumper. It’s a magical night, but an awkward next morning has her running. Everyone knows Erik Andresen’s best shot at an individual medal was back in 2010, before an injury pulled him from the competition. He’s there for his team, but a hot night and a remarkable final training session have him wondering if a gorgeous good-luck charm could give him another chance at the podium. With a little bit of luck, these two might have a shot at something worth more than gold.
Ana Blaze

Trouble With Gold by Melinda Dozier
US snowboarder and notorious prankster, Ty (Trouble) Madsen is only getting a taste of his own medicine when his Olympic teammates shackle him to a fence wearing nothing but his boxers. Reception and protocol volunteer, Nadia Hoffman, gets up close and personal with the sexy snowboarder to rescue him, but she’s not the kind of girl who lets her hormones get in her way. A professional performance could help her land her dream job at Olympics Committee Headquarters, but her new assignment supervising the rambunctious US Snowboarding Team is making that difficult. Can she see behind the snowman in the community center bathroom and into the warm heart of the man everyone calls Trouble?
Melinda Dozier

The Girl Behind the Gold by Aria Kane
Greek aerial skier Lia Milonas’s parents are about to lose the family farm. Saving it means medaling and landing a huge sponsor. While her no-nonsense attitude has her well on her way to a medal, it hasn’t won her a place in fans’ hearts. “Come back with a story that will make readers cry, or don’t come back.” This is what Brandon James’ boss told him before he left New York to cover the Winter Games for Moment Magazine. With a wink and a smile, he can charm his way into any invite-only party, but that career-making story is nowhere to be found – until he meets Lia. The two strike a deal that should get them both what they want – but neither would have guessed they’d also find what they need.
Aria Kane

Ice Gold by Kara Leigh Miller
Colton Campbell thrives on the fast paced, adrenaline rushed lifestyle of being an Olympic hockey player. Despite Brenna Jessup’s abhorrence for the games and the athletes, she’s hand-picked as the official photographer for the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. When a faux pas by Brenna almost costs Colton his career, she owes him. Too bad for her, Colton doesn’t want apologies — he wants retribution! And he knows just how to get it — and her — in the process.
Kara Leigh Miller

Here are some fun giveaways that coincide with the LOVE AND OTHER GAMES release!

There’s a Facebook release day party! Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/353106031489358/

Plus, win some great prizes!
<a href=" a Rafflecopter giveaway ” title=”Rafflecopter Giveaway1 ” target=”_blank”>

Social Media
Love and Other Games on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18365891-love-and-other-games
Melinda Dozer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelindaDozier
Ana Blaze on Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=ana%20blaze&src=typd
Aria Kane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aria_Kane
Kara Leigh Miller on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaraLeighMille1
Swoon Romance (publisher) site: http://www.myswoonromance.com/


Going Home Again “cast”!

So, on Sunday, I took part in a blog tour for the release of Jamie Grey’s debut novel, ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE. As part of this tour I picked a “cast” for the characters in her book. I’ve already created a Pinterest board with my dream cast for my own debut novel, GOING HOME AGAIN.

I thought it might be kind of fun to share with all of you, including those who don’t follow me on Pinterest, so you can see how the characters looked in my head while I was writing them. How did you picture them? Anything like these folks? Let me know in the comments! 😀

First up, of course, is Alyssa. She’s the main character after all. I know a lot of you pictured her like me, and I guess usually when I read a novel that’s written in first person, I often picture the main character as the author, too. But I decided to look up an actress who would be suitable in the unlikely event that GHA was someday made into a movie. She couldn’t be too skinny, too drop-dead gorgeous, although I wanted her to be beautiful in an unconventional way. Booyah! I found the wonderful “Happy Endings” actress, Casey Wilson!!! 🙂

I kinda love her. ❤

Michael Day. Le sigh. Anyone who knows me knows that Michael is LOOSELY based on my favorite New Kid on the Block, Jordan Knight.

He’s so perty. 😀 And here’s my favorite pic with him, just because:

Abs & JK in Nashville-cropped

Okay, moving on… if I had to pick an actual ACTOR to play Michael Day, I’ve decided it would be Zachary Levi. He can sing and he’s a big dork. He would definitely work! 🙂

Now for some of the supporting characters! I had a hard time finding someone who could play Michael’s wife, Tina Downey (she kept her last name 😉 ). She’d have to be gorgeous, of course, but also old enough to be Michael’s wife at nearly 40 years old. So, finally, I decided on Brook Langton. Give her a fake tan, pull her hair back in a tight ponytail 24/7, she could be my Tina!

Tina- cropped

Mike’s friend from back in the day and Alyssa’s present-day friend, Matt Edwards, is (again, no surprise to those that know me), Donnie Wahlberg! 🙂

Haley, one of Alyssa’s best friends, also plays a big role in the story, and in my head, she’s my best friend since kindergarten, Angela Williams Futrell. 😉
My beautiful BFF

However, if I had to pick an actress to play her in a movie, it’d have to be Alyssa Milano.

They look alike, no???

I guess that’s enough for now. Those are all the major characters. So what do y’all think??? 😀

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Ultraviolet Catastrophe Blog Tour!!

After all of the wonderful bloggers participated in the blog tour for my debut novel, GOING HOME AGAIN, I decided I wanted to do as many blog tours as I can in the future because 1) they’re fun! and 2) I’d love to give another writer the same pleasure I got from reading what other writers think of my book! 🙂

So, first up, is Jamie Grey’s wonderful debut, ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE. What struck me first about this book was its cover– so very cool!
ultraviolet catastrophe

The story itself is not something I would normally read– YA sci-fi– but I was very lucky to get an ARC (advance review copy) and I’m glad I did. I’m not very much into sci-fi, I’ll admit, but I found that there were definitely pieces of this story I could relate to, and I know many teens could also. The feeling of not fitting in anywhere, feeling alienated from your parents (even if they were trying to protect you by lying to you), crushing on the hot guy nerd. I think at its heart, it’s a wonderful story anyone could relate to.

So, in addition to my brief review, I also thought it’d be kind of a different and fun twist to give you all a glimpse into how I pictured the characters as I read this story; in other words, who I would cast in these roles.

Lexie: Nicole Munoz

I think she has just the right level of gorgeousness but it’d still be believable that she wouldn’t at first fit in at her new school. She’s pretty but isn’t aware that she’s pretty. I loved that about Lexie! And, of course, also that she’s super smart!

Asher: Liam Hemsworth

Maybe he’s a little too old, but I couldn’t help seeing Asher as good ol’ Gale from The Hunger Games. With the intense blue eyes and perfectly messy hair, he’d be a perfect Asher! And those nerdy T-shirts would look great on him too. 😀

Dr. Kepler: Oscar Isaac

It took me a while to find an actor who looked even remotely how I pictured Lexie’s dad, Dr. Will Kepler. This guy fits the bill… plus he looks like he could be Nicole Munoz’s dad so he could be Lexie’s dad as well! 😉

Mama Kepler: Lisa Edelstein

I’m kind of cheating here because I found this actress for a Pinterest board for my own YA (as-yet-unpublished) novel. I think she’s a perfect choice for Lexie’s mom as well.

Max: Cameron Monaghan

Back to the kids! Max was a really hard one for me to find, for some reason, but this kid got closer than any others I found. If he could grow stubble like Max, I think he’d be a pretty good fit! 🙂

Zella: Zoe Kravitz

Perfect for bitchy Zella, don’tcha think??? 😀

And last but not least:
Amy: Meaghan Jette Martin

She just has that “All-American/popular girl/cheerleader” look, doesn’t she? 🙂

So, there you have it: my ideal cast for Jamie Grey’s ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE!!! I’m curious to know if anyone else who’s read the book sees the characters in the same way I do. If not, that’s cool, because that is the beauty of books, isn’t it? 🙂 You can picture everything exactly as you want.

Before you go, here’s the deets on the book and on Jamie. Buy this book when it releases Tuesday!!! 🙂

Book Name: Ultraviolet Catastrophe (UVC)
Book Genre: YA Sci-fi
Book release date: September 2013
Ultraviolet Catastrophe on Goodreads:
Ultraviolet Catastrophe on Amazon:
To come.
Ultraviolet Catastrophe on Barnes and Noble:
To come.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe book blurb: Quantum Electrodynamics. String Theory. Schrödinger’s cat. For sixteen-year-old Lexie Kepler, they’re just confusing terms in her science textbooks, until she finds out that her parents have been drugging her to suppress her outrageous IQ. Now Branston Academy, a school run by the world’s most powerful scientists, has tracked her down and is dying for her to attend – as a research subject.
She takes refuge at Quantum Technologies, a secret scientific community where her father works as a top-notch scientist, and begins her new life as “girl genius” at Quantum High. But the assignments at her new school make the Manhattan Project look like preschool – and Lexie barely survived freshman algebra.
Her first big assignment – creating an Einstein-Rosen bridge – is also her first chance to prove she can hold her own with the rest of QT’s prodigies. But while working with the infuriatingly hot Asher Rosen, QT’s teen wonder, Lexie uncovers a mistake in their master equation. Instead of a wormhole, the machine they’re building would produce deadly ultraviolet rays that could destroy the world.
When the lead scientist on their project turns up as a popsicle in the cryo chamber, Lexie learns that the “mistake” in the equation is actually a carefully crafted plan to sabotage Quantum Technologies. And all signs point to Branston Academy being the culprit. Now Lexie and Asher have to use their combined brainpower to stop Branston from stealing the plans and selling the doomsday device to the highest bidder, before everyone at QT is caught in the ultraviolet catastrophe.

About the author Jamie Grey:
Jamie Grey spent most of her childhood writing stories about princesses who saved the day and pretending to be a daring explorer. It wasn’t until much later that she realized she should combine the two. Now, as a tech-obsessed gamer geek, her novels mix amazing scientific developments, future worlds, and the remarkable characters that live in them.
Jamie lives in Michigan with her significant other and their pets, who luckily tolerate her overspending on tea, books, and video games. You can learn more about her at http://www.jamiegreybooks.com, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.
Jamie on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4687517.Jamie_Grey
Jamie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jamie_Grey
Jamie on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamiegreybooks

Join in on the buzz!
Ultraviolet Catastrophe street team is open for members!
Sign up to join in on the buzz surround Ultraviolet Catastrophe! Be the first to read it, hear the latest news, and win fun swag! You don’t want to miss out!

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Heartbreak Ranch Cover Reveal!

This is the third cover reveal I’ve hosted on my blog, and they’re all so very exciting! 😀 And this one is for the fabulous Anastasia Ryan, fellow Swoon Romance author, who did one of my favorite blogs on my GOING HOME AGAIN blog tour.

I can’t wait to return the favor when HEARTBREAK RANCH releases next month. First off, check out the beautiful cover:

heartbreak ranch

Swoon makes such amazing covers, eh? Can’t wait to have this one on my Kindle!! In the meantime, here are the details about Anastasia Ryan and her novel!

Heartbreak Ranch
by Anastasia Ryan
Release Date: 10/15/13
Publisher: Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:
Recent college graduate, Graysen Beaufort, resigns herself to two weeks of boredom at a dude ranch honoring her parents’ wishes for one last family vacation.

She doesn’t plan on meeting Colt McCord, an irresistible cowboy who threatens to bring disorder to Graysen’s ordinarily ordered life.

Dodging an overprotective family, an unwelcome suitor, and certain heartbreak, Graysen struggles to break free of her limitations and submit her heart to Colt’s love. But learning to let go isn’t easy, even with a man like Colt.

Colt McCord, White Pine Ranch’s head horse trainer, loves the busy, back-breaking work of a cattle ranch.

But when he meets a beautiful and spirited woman from Iowa, she makes him forget everything he’d known before, and he risks everything to be with her.

Colt is accustomed to breaking horses, but can he tame Graysen’s wild heart before it is too late?


anastasia ryan

About the Author
Anastasia Ryan is a native New Yorker, but lives in Iowa with her family. She loves the beautiful chaos of raising six children. She is her husband’s girlfriend, but is also quite smitten with the written word. As the daughter of teachers, she has had a love of both great literature and writing in her blood since she was a baby. At a very early age, you would have found her perched on her father’s lap as he typed out his Master’s thesis for English. She is addicted to great books she can get lost in, finds cooking relaxing, is a sometimes web geek, and loves spending time with family and friends. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Creative Writing.

Anastasia Ryan’s debut new adult novel HEARTBREAK RANCH will be released by Swoon Romance in the Fall of 2013. 

Author Links:


Cover Reveal Organized by:

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