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Update: I’m still here…

on August 24, 2016

Well, it’s been quite a year so far. Many of you probably don’t know, I started out the year by getting dumped (via Facebook messenger), my mom being in the hospital with a heart condition, losing my house, my car and, to be candid, my mind. I spent a week being treated in the hospital for severe depression. I was ashamed to admit that for a while, but there shouldn’t be any shame in admitting you need help. I’m in therapy now, and on medications, and I still have dark days, but I’m determined to make it through.

More recently, another terrible thing happened that has made 2016 The Worst Year Ever. I got dumped again–this time by my publisher.


I’m not going to badmouth them or even name names, because most people know who they are anyway. But, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I can reinvent myself as a self-published writer. I can have more control over my own writing career. I can design my own covers. I can receive all the royalties without paying a percentage to someone for marketing and other services that simply aren’t being provided. I can promote myself, and have only myself to blame if I fail.

But I’m just going to go out on a limb and say I won’t fail. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that I can persevere. I’m still here for a reason, and I’ve always felt that reason is to write.

So, here’s my latest news:

I’m going to re-release my two already-published novels, GOING HOME AGAIN and AFTER THE FALL, with brand new content, new covers and a new attitude. So, if you read my books before, get ready for more Alyssa and Michael, and more Tina and Josh. If you haven’t read them before, now is your chance. 🙂


I plan to re-release GOING HOME AGAIN on October 25, with AFTER THE FALL coming December 20 (just in time for Christmas)! I hope that you all will look forward to reading about these characters I’ve grown to love so much and who mean so much to me, and that you’ll love them as much as I do.

I’m also still writing romantic fiction, and the next novels will be even better, I promise! I’m still working on my next draft, though, so I can’t share a lot of details. Just be prepared for awesomeness, okay?

At least I hope it’s awesome. Like every writer, I of course worry that I suck. But I’m trying to be positive here. 😉

In any case, stay tuned and I hope I can share more exciting news soon. And I hope that someone will care. Haha.

Thank you all for your support. Love ya!!!



4 responses to “Update: I’m still here…

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard year, but I’m glad to see you’re turning it around (by force if necessary!) You can do it!

  2. Kay Kauffman says:

    Yaaay! Glad to see you back in the saddle again! After all, things can only get better from here, right? Right! 😀

  3. Hi Abby — glad to hear you are re-releasing the books and there will be new books too! Hang in there. We are in the same boat, actually, so I totally understand. But I am looking to the future as well.

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